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When we experience wholeness in our lives,
we touch the Divine within.

Upcoming Events


Developing Our Inner Spiritual Guide:
A Practical Approach to Spirituality in the 21st Century


4th Global Conference of Interdiciplinary.Net
Topic of Conference: Spirituality in the 21st Century

March 18th to 20th, 2014
Prague, Czech Republic

Join me in Prague for this exciting conference on spirituality in the 21st century, where I am presenting the Towards Wholeness epistemology to spiritual development.


Focus of conference:
The contemporary study of spirituality encompasses a wide range of interests. These have come not only from the more traditional areas of religious scholarship—Theology, Philosophy of Religion, History of Religion, Comparative Religion, Mysticism—but also more recently from such diverse fields as Management, Medicine, Business, Counseling, Ecology, Communication, Performance Studies and Education – among many others.

This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference invites a broad range of scholars and practitioners who seek to challenge disciplinary silos by exploring the spiritual foundations upon which their fields of inquiry stand.

Conference Program, Abstracts and Papers

Location of Conference

Developing your inner spiritual guide:
The path to making a qualitative difference in the world


3rd International Conference of the
British Association for the Study of Spirituality

Conference Topic: Spirituality in a Challenging World
May 19th to 21st, 2014

Ashridge House, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK

Join me in the UK for what promises to be an engaging and inspiring BASS conference on spirituality. I will be presenting the Towards Wholeness epistemology to spiritual development.


Focus of Conference:
This conference is designed to be inter-professional and inter-disciplinary. Its aim is to bring together a broad range of scholars and practitioners with interests in the theory and practice of spirituality; and to provide opportunity for conversations and syntheses across academic and professional boundaries that have hitherto posed their own challenges to the development of a 'joined-up' field of spirituality studies. The venue, a beautiful 19th century neo-gothic mansion with a 700 year history, located within a stunning parkland estate, has deliberately been chosen to enhance the conversational aspects of the conference.

Five internationally-renowned Keynote Speakers will each focus on a significant aspect of spirituality within their own disciplinary/professional field and highlight what they see as the particular challenges to, and opportunities for, the development of the study and practice of spirituality.

Conference Program, Abstracts and Registration


There are more events being planned for 2014, so please keep checking for topics, times and dates.

“Bless you! The workshop felt like a spa for the soul.” L.B.

“It was a very important experience for me, thank you.” M.N.

“The exercises were simple and powerful and I felt contained.” V.G.

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